Site/Domain Not Working with WWW Prefix {Solved}

Website or Domain not Opening or Not working with WWW Version but opens without WWW Prefix Solution 

Well, Last few days back one of my friend got stuck with a problem showing error message “This Site cannot be reached” DNS Server could not be found. This problem only originated when he tried opening his website with WWW Prefix in front of his domain name. The site or domain was opening well with Non-WWW Version. 

Lets say, is a domain name which is working fine whenever someone types this URL in the Browser. But with, this domain or site doesn’t work with the WWW Version or Prefix. Instead of loading the website, it displays this error message:-

website not working with www prefix godaddy

So this was the problem faced by one of my friend, When he contacted me for help regarding this issue, I fixed this problem in a couple of seconds and I wanted to share this solution with you as there might be other people too facing the same issue. But Before we jump over to the solution let me explain you WWW V/S Non WWW Versions of a Domain.  Why do some websites have “www.” at the start, but others have “http://”? So lets Start.

What are WWW and Non WWW Versions of Domain/Website?

I am explaining this concept just because it is related to the problem and if understood, you will be able to solve this problem in a couple of seconds.

The “www.” is actually a subdomain. So “ “is actually a subdomain of However, by convention, and to avoid confusion, the subdomain “” is set up to take you to the the same place as the actual domain ““.

Although both the Versions serves the same purpose and functionality and resolve to one address which is treated as authoritative.

The typical example used is that most people treat the following URLs as the same:

And all the above URLS resolve to one URL Set in a Website or Webmaster Account. This is done to avoid URL Canonicalization Problem.

But Still Why My Website or Domain is Not Working with WWW Version but works fine Without WWW in front of it?

Reason is simple, some websites or Unmanaged Servers  aren’t so neatly set up and forget to add a Sub Domain (www.) to the root domain. So only the main domain is added in the A Records that points to the Server IP Address on which your website is hosted. For this issue to be solved, the Sub Domain ( Version should also point to the same Server IP Address at which the Root Domain ( is pointing.


With this solution you can solve the Issue of Domain Not Working with WWW Prefix at any host provider like Godaddy, Digital Ocean, Hostgator etc without the need of their technical support.

The www. is just a CNAME (sub domain) which must be added to the DNS Manager. CNAME records make your DNS data easier to manage. The other solution, multiple A records, is not as simple as using CNAME records.

A CNAME (Alias) record points to an A (Host) record i.e Your Primary Root Domain which is in turn pointing to your Server IP Address. You can create multiple CNAME records and point them all to an A record. The most common CNAME records are the subdomains www and ftp. 

Follow the below given steps to Add a CNAME (Sub Domain):-

Note: These steps may vary depending at which company your domain is registered. But the steps are almost same for all companies. I will still show you by taking an example from Godaddy and Digital Ocean.

Website not Working with WWW Prefix Godaddy Solution

1. Login to your Godaddy Account and Visit My Products Page

2 Choose your domain name in the list below to go to its DNS Management page

3 On the DNS Management page, at the bottom of the Records section, click Add and select CNAME from the menu

4 Complete the other fields:

  • Host – Enter the subdomain name i.e www.
  • Points to – Enter the host name you want the alias to point to. For example, type just @ to map the alias directly to your main domain name
  • TTL – Select how long the server should cache the information. You can choose the same TTL as A Record (Main Domain Name)
  • Click Save. That’s it. Your WWW Version of Domain/ Site will now work fine after this fix.

site not working with www prefix godaddy solution

Website not Opening with WWW Prefix Digital Ocean Solution

Normally the same above settings will solve the solution, but still I will show you by steps and image.

1 Login to your Digital Ocean Account.

2 On Dashboard, on Domain Section, Right Click and Choose Manage Domain

3 Under Create New Record, Head Over to CNAME Option

  • Hostname: Add Sub Domain i.e www.
  • Is an Alias of: Just type @ to map the alias directly to your domain name
  • TTL (Seconds): You can choose same as A Record as i told above.
  • Create Record. Problem Solved.

site not working with www at digital ocean solution

So Friends, if any of you is facing this issue, you can follow these simple steps to Fix Website Not Loading with WWW Version. If still problem persists, I am always here for your help 🙂 . If you are New to Student Sutra, Start Here

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