How to Promote your Blog: Actionable Tips to get Traffic to your Website

How to promote your blog? It’s a most common question most of the new bloggers struggle with.

Setting up a new blog is easy, but when it comes to running it successfully, there need to be certain measures you need to take to promote it and get it out to the public. From the past few years, Blogging has evolved as a career choice for many people. Many individuals have quit their regular jobs and successfully adopted blogging as a great career. But often, many individuals who just step first time in the field of blogging, they get confused about finding effective blog promotion tactics to promote your blog on social media and to increase traffic.

So in this post, I will share actionable tips to promote your WordPress blog to get traffic to your website. However, it does not happen overnight and takes a lot of testing, failing and starting all over again. In this post, I will show you step-by-step method on how to promote your blog to get thousands of social media followers and drive waves of traffic to your site.

How to Promote your Blog to Increase Traffic: 12 Actionable Tips

1. Start Building your Email Subscribers List

Research and Analytics show that more than 70% of users visiting your blog/website will never see it again. This is why the first thing you should do is start building email subscribers list. Through your list, you can build powerful connections with your followers and market your work in a trustworthy space.

how to build email subscribers

Moreover, Email gives you direct access to your users, and it is a way more effective than any other marketing tool available today. Not only will this get the potential audience back to your website, but these people may also share your content on social media, expanding your reach.

2. Share your Blog Posts on Social Media

One of the most effective ways to market your brand new blog is by sharing your blog content on various social media platforms. You should create your business accounts on various platforms and share each new blog post on different social media networks like:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • StumbleUpon

It is the most important marketing tool and a guaranteed way to reach the right people. By sharing your blog posts on different platforms, the audience may follow you on your various social profiles which in turn will increase your followers and drive more targeted traffic to your website.

how to promote your blog on social media

In addition to sharing your blog content on social media, make sure to Add social media follow buttons somewhere visible on your website. There are tons of plugins that can let you add countless social media sites.

Promote relevant, popular trending content on social media and use #hashtags effectively.

3. Automate Social Media Sharing

Many new bloggers spend a lot of time sharing their blog posts on social media. Well, you don’t need to do that manually anymore. You can fully automate WordPress and Social media with IFTTT or use Buffer to schedule WordPress posts for social media.

IFTTT(“if this then that”) lets you automatically tweet your new posts. You can automatically share your new blog content on facebook page or profile. You can pull posts from RSS into WordPress etc

buffer app to schedule blog posts

The buffer is a simple web application that allows you to schedule social media posts across a variety of popular social networks. These tools save your time spent on sharing your content, and you can use that time to engage with your followers or to write more quality content. 

4. Create Quality and Useful Content

“Content is king” is an often cited quote in the world of online marketing, search engine marketing, and content marketing. Quality Content is extremely important for the success of a website.

There are millions of websites out there and the most reliable way for you to compete with those is by offering unique and useful content that adds value to the visitors.

A website/blog must offer content that meets the demands of users, and it should be fully optimized for search engines such as Google and Bing.

quality content tips

A rich content always helps in attaining good ranking in search engines like Google. Gone are the days when websites were able to achieve a high ranking just by loading the text with keywords. Since then, Google has provided new updates like Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird that influence the ranking based on hundreds of factors.

5. Create SEO Optimized Blog Posts

High-quality, plagiarism free content created with proper keyword research has a significant impact on SEO and search engine rankings for a couple of reasons.

First, a detailed in-depth article published regularly with 2000-2500 words with internal links to other relevant content and naturally placed keywords helps a website rank organically for relevant search terms and keywords. A higher ranking ultimately exposes your blog/website to more audience searching for content.

Also, longer content typically has higher SERP rankings.

longer content performs well in SERP Rankings

Second, consistently publishing useful SEO Optimized content creates authority and opens up opportunities to build a glowing backlink profile. Not only is good content great for SEO purposes, but is also a brilliant way to drive traffic to a website and keep consumers on the site for a longer duration.

A blog with full of engaging content always leaves an impression on the user and encourages them to interact with the site more and visit multiple pages which ultimately increases your page views and generates more traffic and revenue.

6. Internal Linking in your Blog Posts

Internal links are links that go from one page on a blog/website to a different page on the same blog/website. In short, with internal linking different pages of your website and connected with one another.

Internal linking is one of the SEO’s most valuable weapons. First, it increases the page views on your blog and keeps the audience engaged which lowers the bounce rate. If your website has strong internal linking, the Google crawler has an easier time finding new content that you publish and link to.

The thumb rule of internal linking is that pages should be contextually relevant. In WordPress, you can use WordPress plugins for quick internal linking.

internal linking

Internal Linking in Blog Posts helps the readers in accessing more information via related articles or pages. They not only play an important part in website navigation but also help in increasing page views, internal page rank and On Page SEO. Thus it helps to promote your blog posts with relevant content and provides more value to readers.

7. Add Quality Images, Infographics and Videos in your Content

Another effective way to boost up the growth of your blog is by including quality images, infographics and useful videos in your blog posts.

The main reason to add this stuff is that visual content is a lot more engaging than plain text. Using high-quality images, infographics and videos on your blog not only makes it look good, but it also helps users stay longer on your website.

You can use Shutterstock or Unsplash to find high-quality copyright free images for our blogs. There are also plenty of other websites where you can find royalty free images for your blog.


An example of the Infographic

An infographic is usually a visual representation of information or data, e.g. as a chart or diagram. The best thing about the infographic is that the viewer can easily process the information that is being shared and is given the chance to explore a topic in a highly engaging way without having to read large amounts of text.

The Power of Infographic

Copyblogger published an infographic, in 2012, titled 15 Grammar Goofs. Till date, that infographic alone has generated 7500+ tweets, 70,000+ Facebook likes, 2,500+ LinkedIn shares, 2000+ Google+ shares, a massive 200,000+ pins and more than 500 comments. While the infographic is now 5 years old, it is still going strong and driving awareness to Copyblogger.

This example shows how powerful infographics can be. You can use a free tool like Canva to create stunning infographics. You can also consider hiring your infographic designer from Fiverr.

Make sure:

  • The infographic has an embed code so others can easily add it to their sites.
  • It has your website address on the graphic.
  • The name of your brand/website is in bold letters.

Another way to make your content appealing and engaging is to create videos related to your topic. As YouTube is world’s second most used search engine. Simply because videos are a lot more engaging than text and images combined.

I recommend using YouTube because it has a large community of users and it helps you tap into one of the largest audience pools in the world. Thus by creating videos, you can build links from Youtube to your Blog and can increase the growth of your website helping you to promote your WordPress blog.

8. Engage with Users commenting on your Website

Comments left by Users are your blog’s conversation hub. They usually provide you and your audience an easy way to interact with one another or to discuss the topic. The important thing you need to do is to respond to most user comments on your website.

blog comments

Always keep an eye on Admin Section of WordPress to regularly find comments that are not answered by admin. Try answering users queries with reasonable answers that are useful and valuable to users. Whenever your article receives comments, be sure to respond to each one with something thoughtful and personable. Remember, User engagement always results in increasing your page views and the time users spend on your website

9. Guest Post on other Related Blogs

From the last couple of years, Guest Blogging is gaining popularity and bringing in good results to get traffic to your website. However many new bloggers are unaware of its tactics and ignore posting on other blogs as they find it hard reaching other influencers in the market. Guest blogging is an essential tool for link building but don’t consider it only as a link building technique. It is much more than that.

Having your blog featured on similar niche blogs will not only bring traffic for you, but it will also help you to promote your blog in an efficient way and build SEO backlinks.

guest blogging

If you can get your articles published on popular blogs in the similar niche, you will generate a hell lot of traffic to your blog from the link in your author byline. So, Guest Blogging on other Blogs is one of the best places to promote blog.

Some websites will have pages labeled “Guest Posting” or “Write For Us”. You can use the following queries to find if a blog even has any published guest posts.

  • “submit a guest post”
  • “guest post by”
  • “contribute an article”
  • “become a contributor”
  • “accepting guest posts”

10.  Blog Commenting

Just like guest blogging, commenting on other blogs with a similar niche is one of the best ways to promote your blog.

While commenting on other blogs, make sure to add value through your comment, otherwise, you will simply be ruining your brand. Never spam someone else’s blog.

blog commenting

Another thing to do is to sign up for a free account on to get a comment profile image. Commenting on other blogs with valuable responses and discussions helps you to create backlinks and driving traffic.

11. Promote your Blog on Quora

Quora is a place to ask and answer questions and is one of the powerful places for promoting your blog. Believe me, you can get millions of views per month simply by promoting your content on quora in a right manner.

quora blog promotion

There are topics on pretty much everything, and you can include your blog links in your answers. Search Quora for topics related to your blog. Whenever possible, answer questions with valuable answers and do include a link back to your blog post for more in-depth information. Many of these threads will get viewed for months or years to come thus generating a huge number of traffic for your blog.

12. Be Active in Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are another excellent source to promote your blog and to increase traffic and more page views. However, many newbies fail to get good results because they approach these groups in a wrong way and can barely be differentiated from spammers.

facebook groups

In most cases, posting a quality blog post is fine but be mindful of the group’s rules. Another benefit of interacting in Facebook Groups with similar niche is that you get feedback on projects you’re planning, and yes, even promote your blog posts from time to time.

You can also pin posts to the top of your Facebook Group as long as you’re the admin of that group.


So, these were some of the free and basic techniques to promote your WordPress Blog. There are many more ways to promote your website, and they’re not limited to what’s included in this post. What other strategies do you have for promoting a blog/generating traffic? Kindly share in the comments section below.

If you need more help or guidance regarding this topic, feel free to leave a comment below. And if you have your own tactics to increase traffic to your blog, feel free to share below.

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