5 Best Video Editing Software for YouTube Channel to Polish Your Clips

Hello, This article is related to the best video editor software for the YouTube channel. You have already read 10 Simple Ways to Earn Money from YouTube {Sitting at Home}. As you know, YouTube is the largest platform to share video, which can be seen anywhere and anytime. Choosing the right video editing software is one of the best steps for starting/maintaining the YouTube channel. You might be amazed by how some channels make awesome videos, that may get tons of subscriber. So, here we are going to share 5 best video editing software that will help to maintain and improve your YouTube videos. Here are the best tools to replace YouTube Video Editor. Give them a try and get your videos ready to publish.

5 Best Video Editing Software for YouTube Channel

1. Shotcut

5 Best Video Editing Software

Featured Pack | Best Video Editor for YouTube Channel

  • Intuitive interface
  • Great effects and filters
  • Cross-platform

If you don’t mind to edit your video before uploading to the YouTube channel. Then shotcut will best alternative to your YouTube video editor tool. It is an open source video editor created by the team of volunteers and it is completely free to use for any project, including the commercial videos also. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux too.

Shocut is easy to use and adjustable platform to edit the video. You have to simply open your project and drag its bottom to the program and you are ready to begin editing.

Download it from here

2. VSDC Free Video Editor 

5 Best Video Editing Software

A Brilliant YouTube editor for creative projects

  • Superb Array of Effect
  • Simple to use
  • No hardware acceleration

VSDC is the another superb YouTube editor desktop program. That makes a great substitute for your YouTube video editor. You can import videos or you can also record your video directly from the webcam. It looks completely different from Youtube editor. But it is well designed and easy to master with the little experience and the experiment. In this editor, it is easy to create voiceovers and add elements like titles, shapes, and subtitles. You’ll need to disable hardware acceleration in order to export your videos from the free version of the software. To do this, select the cog icon in the top right, click ‘Acceleration options’ and uncheck the box marked ‘Use hardware acceleration for encoding video’.

 3. Adobe Premium Elements

adobe video editor

Features of Adobe Premium Elements

  • Intuitive interface
  • Face Detection feature
  • Cross-platform

With the premium element video editor software, you can easily share your videos to YouTube and Facebook. With adobe premium elements you can mix up your several photos and videos to create a dynamic collage, which can be easily shared with friends on the internet. Its pro version enables you to create 3D images. Thanks to its neat and clean user-friendly interface, even beginner will easy to find it work with. The face detection feature is capable of bringing the faces front and center them automatically in order to make the videos more memorable.

4. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X10.5

corel video editor

Features of Corel Video Studio Ultimate

  • Intuitive interface
  • 360-degree editing
  • Cross-platform

Corel offers creative tools that content creator can choose from. It enables you to provide 360-degree editing prowess. It has simple and beautiful interface used to create uncluttered & interactive videos for those who don’t have much experience in video editing. The motion Tracking features of this software offer users to add text, objects, and even effects, that’s capable of following a moving subject. Time remapping is one of the features that we enjoy using on this software, as the tools available in this department lets you freeze, slow down, and speed up the footage. Lastly, this software is also capable of converting 360-degree videos into standard videos.

3. iMovie

imovie Video Editing Software

Features of iMovie 

  • 3D Videos
  • Cross-platform
  • Edit up to 4K

If you are currently working on the iMac. then you will be able to enjoy and use enjoy Apple’s iMovie software for free. With the iMovie, you can edit the video up to 4K resolution also. iMovie manages to impress us with a feature called Trailers that provides you with a template in order to organize and present your videos. With the help of this video editor, you can add titles, transitions, 3D globes and even travel maps to your videos.  Lastly, users will be able to upload their edited videos directly to YouTube at a maximum resolution of up to 4K, in a breeze.

4. Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Video Editing Software

Features of Final Cut Pro

  • Multicam editing
  • Cross-platform
  • Support up to 64 camera angles

Most popular software developed by Apple Final Cut Pro X is most popular video editing software. It is Multi-cam editing, XML importing and external monitor support are some of the features that you normally expect from an advanced video editing software, and Apple’s Final Cut Pro manages to deliver that. Final Cut Pro features the Magnetic Timeline 2 with color coding and flexible lanes that are significantly fast and easy to use. It can support for up to 64 camera angles.

5. Adobe Premiere Pro

adobe premium pro

Features of Adobe Premier Go

  • GPU acceleration
  • unlimited angles
  • Warp Stabilizer 

This video editor is considered as the primary rival of final cut pro. If you are a beginner at video editing, then it is the most helpful video editor tool for you.  The user interface is neat and uncluttered which is to be expected from a top-notch video editing software. Premiere offers the four edit types namely Ripple, Roll, Slide and Slip that can be easily accessed from the left of the timeline. It is similar to the Adobe Photoshop CS5. There’s a feature called Warp Stabilize that does a great job at smoothing out a shaky video.

Final Words

I would not suggest you choose all of the Video Editors, but instead, stick to one or two and get used to its interface and working.

You can even start a trial period for the tools mentioned above and decide which works best for your video editing strategy.

My Suggestions:

  • If you are searching for an easy, yet a great solution, go for Final Cut Pro
  • If you are looking to find High Professional Video Editing, use Shotcut

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