Hi, I am Samson and I am founder of Student Sutra. I am doing blogging and other online business from past 3 years. With a experience of more than 3 years in Blogging, WordPress, Hosting, Website Migration, SEO, Online Money Making Methods, and Ideas for Business and Start Ups, I decided to spread my knowledge and experience with all of you.

My Main Goal or Reason behind starting Student Sutra is helping everyone to come out of the trap of 9-5 Jobs. I have seen many people in life Struggling for Financial Freedom and Stability in their Life- Students, Employees, People looking for Jobs, Unemployed etc are unable to maintain financial stability in their life.

Many People in our country are unaware of online money making methods and the hidden fortunes of online business. Majority of us only finishes college or study to find a job and then they live the rest of their lives searching and struggling for financial freedoms. Friends, Jobs and Salaries can only make your living in a limited way only. But being a businessman, you can live your dream life.

My motive is helping everyone to enjoy their financial freedom and be their own boss. I believe that jobs can only make your living but profits made out of business can make your fortune. There are also many frauds and scams running online and on social media platforms asking for investments to earn online. I recommend you all to stay away from them. I will help you in learning each and every method to make money in an easy step-by-step tutorial.

My motive will be to educate each one of you in such a way that you can become your own boss rather that working under some arrogant prick. I will provide all the ideas and money making methods in the most easiest simple language that even a non techie person can understand and implement it.

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